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Building on More Than 65 Years of Excellence

The companies differ markedly from each other, but they serve the same industry and family of customers. Fred began the first company with a vision that remains the same today and applies to the entire family of companies: "Listen to your customers, determine their needs and how you can serve them better, and expand the business as opportunities present themselves."

Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

Basalite has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in the western U.S. and Canada. As a result of the durability and versatility of CMUs, Basalite products are found on high profile projects, like sports stadiums and backyard, and everything in between.

PABCO Building Products, LLC

As the manufacturer of innovative and quality roofing and wallboard products, PABCO Building Products are found on both residential and commercial building projects. With an emphasis on sustainability and customer support, PABCO continually strives to improve customers' quality of life, while preserving the environment.

PABCO Clay Products

A combined history of over 400 years, PABCO Clay Products divisions have been producing some of the world's finest clay, terra cotta and brick products since the 1800s. The original craftsmanship and artistry of yesteryear combine with current technology to produce a broad selection of unique colors, shapes and textures for any project. Gladding McBean produces vitrified clay pipe for sewers, clay roof tile, piazza clay floor tile, glazed terra cotta pottery, architectural terra cotta, sacked mortar clay, chimney tops and caps. HC Muddox manufactures clay products, including standard face brick, thin brick, flue liners, pavers, pool coping, structural brick and raw ceramic clays used by potters. Interstate Brick produces a full line of standard brick products and sizes, including face brick, pavers and coping.

Pacific Coast Building Services, Inc.

Offering the best of large and small companies: the financial strength to honor long-term committments along with a focus on customer relationships and personal attention to each project. Pacific Coast Building Services owns a variety of specialty contracting businesses throughout the western U.S. These businesses include Alcal Specialty Contracting, Alcal Home, Alcal Glass Systems and Fireside Contracting Specialties, a joint venture. Together they install a wide variety of products that include: insulation and air sealing, roofing and waterproofing, contract glazing, fire-stopping, fireproofing, expansion joints, gutters and garage doors and operating systems.

Pacific Coast Supply, LLC

Pacific Coast Supply (PCS) is the distribution subsidiary of Pacific Coast Building Products. Acquisitions and expansions into new markets is occuring at a steady pace. The five companies of PCS operate 46 locations in eleven western states and Hawaii.

Material Transport

A key factor in the family of companies' success is the ability to move products efficiently and on time. Pacific Coast Transportation Services, Inc., doing business as Material Transport was created to fulfill that need. Throughout the western U.S. and British Columbia, reliable, on time delivery, competitive pricing and careful cargo handling is available to both internal and external customers.

Pacific Jet Charter

Equipped with a Cessna Citation XLS+ aircraft, Pacific Jet Charter is available for hire both internally and externally, allowing passengers to fly in the most efficient, convenient way possible.

Pacific Coast Companies, Inc.

Pacific Coast Companies, Inc. is a dedicated team of professionals that provide a comprehensive range of business services to the Pacific Coast Building Products family of companies and their customers. These services include: accounting & internal audit, environmental consulting, human resources, finance, information technology, marketing & advertising, risk management, legal services, tax and treasury management.

PCBP Properties

PCBP Properties, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Coast Building Products that invests in and manages numerous properties throughout the western United States. Many of its property holdings are leased to sister companies within the Pacific Coast Building Products and its family of companies. Others are leased to third parties or held for investment purposes.

AIA Seminars

Pacific Coast Building Products is pleased to provide American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education workshops and tours. PCBP has developed these seminars for the specification community covering relevant topics.

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