History of Pacific Coast Building Products

Pacific Coast Building Products' origins go back to February 17, 1953, the day Fred Anderson opened the doors to Anderson Lumber Company in Sacramento, California. In preparation for that day, Fred and his wife Pat put all they owned up for collateral in exchange for a bank loan. After leasing a piece of property, they bought an old delivery truck, enough inventory to last them a couple of months, and placed a small ad in the Sacramento Bee newspaper announcing the opening of Anderson Lumber.

That opening would be the first of many. Over the years, Fred ventured into other areas of the building industry. By 1976, the year his son-in-law, Dave Lucchetti, took over as president; the company had expanded into manufacturing, contracting, and distributing building materials like wallboard, roofing, and insulation. Over the ensuing years and under Dave’s stewardship, more companies would be acquired or built. Today our companies contain a wide variety of products and services designed for residential, industrial, and commercial projects of all sizes and complexity.

We have locations from Canada to Colorado and all points in between. Our products can be found on the trendy shops of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (Gladding, McBean terra cotta) to the very industrial Port of Oakland (Basalite pavers). Custom homes and small and large subdivisions all over the western U.S. have incorporated our products and services. We are proud that our company has played a role in the completion of countless successful and varied projects.

AIA Seminars

Pacific Coast Building Products is pleased to provide American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education workshops and tours. PCBP has developed these seminars for the specification community covering relevant topics.

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