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The Perfect Fit - PCCI’s Dan Yanagihara

Back in the early 2000s, our company was (and still are) doing business with a law firm headed-up by Belan Wagner. Belan, along with Jim Thompson, Chairman of the PCBP Board of Directors, oversaw making sure our companies were protected and defended from all the legal issues that come with operating a large and diverse business.

One day I made a call to Belan and explained that we were very interested in hiring our own in-house attorney. I recall Belen telling me that he had someone who would be a perfect fit, but he wasn’t too happy about losing him. That “perfect fit” was Dan Yanagihara, a young, ambitious lawyer who had been working for Belan’s firm for the past two years. I knew Dan a bit since he had done some work for us and was impressed with his competence and work ethic. Jim knew Dan well by then and seconded Belen’s endorsement. Both men agreed that Dan, who was at the time a father of one young child, would benefit from working for our company with our more reliable working hours. Convincing Dan to come to work for us was put in the hands of Belan, who, after convincing Dan that the move would be to his and his family’s benefit, agreed to join our company.

On November 10, 2003 Dan became our first full-time in-house attorney. In the beginning he was doing most of the work himself – finding the right fit for a legal assistant turned out to be much more difficult than finding the right attorney. It became something of a running joke as they came and went.

Dan Yanagihara

Seventeen-years later Dan not only has legal assistants, but two other attorneys to oversee. He is no longer managing just our legal issues but oversees the Risk Management Department as well.

As busy as Dan is on any given day, he will take time to help our subsidiaries with legal advice. They have come to trust him and count on his advice. They know that he will take complicated legalese and break it down into easy to understand English.


Location in the Spotlight

Customer Service and Quality Products are at the Core of Basalite

The Basalite-Boise facility became part of the Pacific Coast family of companies in November 1999. Basalite became the third owner of the facility which originally opened its doors in 1978 as Producers Pumice. We currently sit on 25 acres in the town of Meridian and are virtually in the center of the Treasure Valley, making jobsite delivery access easy. When the plant first opened it was in the middle of a farm field and now the city has grown around us.

We are the most unique Basalite facility as we operate a retail business in the front of the property and manufacture concrete products in the back. Most Basalite facilities are shipping plants that do not sell retail. But because we are in a small market we need to be able to sell to multiple types of customers.

On the manufacturing side we make CMU, concrete pavers, segmental retaining walls and garden line products. On the retail side we sell CMU, concrete pavers, segmental retaining walls, stucco, brick, mortar, manufactured stone and garden line products. We aim to be the most complete masonry yard for contractors and homeowners in the Boise area.

We are fortunate to be in a growing market that still builds schools out of masonry, whether they are brick or block. It is safe to say that we have products on every school in the valley. The Boise metro area has experienced tremendous growth over the last seven years —some cities have nearly doubled in population in that time. This is a very desirable area to live and raise a family, which is why I moved here 16 years ago from the Sacramento area. The strong residential growth helps our pavers and stone sales while driving the commercial work like schools, grocery stores and waste water treatment facilities.


AIA Seminars

Pacific Coast Building Products is pleased to provide American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education workshops and tours. PCBP has developed these seminars for the specification community covering relevant topics.

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