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Lenny Ordway-PABCO Gypsum Warehouse & Shipping Manager

This June, Lenny Ordway will celebrate his 33rd anniversary here at the PABCO Gypsum Las Vegas facility. He started his PABCO careers as a lab tech in the quality control department. He expanded his production knowledge by being a relief foreman in the board plant and warehouse before transferring to the quarry as a foreman in the early 1990s. Lenny remained in the quarry until the opportunity arose to learn SAP; he became a “super user” for the Materials Management and Production Planning modules. This SAP knowledge allowed him to expand and advance to Office Manager. In 2011 he returned to the mining operation as the Quarry Manager for several years before accepting his current assignment as Warehouse & Shipping Manager.

Lenny Ordway of PABCO Gypsum

Lenny’s current job responsibilities include: Inventory control, production scheduling, natural gas ordering, managing the loading of tractor trailers, and with the current acquisition of two locomotives, overseeing railcar loading and movement from the plant to the Union Pacific interchange 12 miles north of the plant. And he is still the go-to person for SAP.

Comments by Lenny’s co-workers include: “I’ve worked with Lenny since the late 80’s and the one thing that stands out about him is that no matter the situation if I needed his help he would always be there and do whatever it took to make sure my problems got solved.” “He’s always trying to find ways to make our department more efficient and successful.” “Great boss and great person.”


Location in the Spotlight

Material Transport

If you are one of the Pacific Coast subsidiaries, you work hard every day to develop / sell your products. You have many things to think about besides how your product will get to your customer.

With that being said, why not let Material Transport (MT) manage your freight needs for you? In today’s ever changing, complex world of Electronic Logs changes, California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, customer needs and safety concerns, why not make it easy for yourself and let MT do what we do best? Safe, efficient flatbed freight.

Today’s MT is lean and mean. We have the trucks, people with the know-how to get the job done, on time, when your customer needs it. And if we cannot move your product on an MT truck, we also have our broker’s license which allows us to hire third party carriers to handle your freight with the same efficiency. Did you know that using our broker’s license and maintaining relationships with third party carriers that MT managed 42,000 loads over the last year?

MT is about to get even better! In March, we completed a full analysis of our systems and procedures using an industry leading transportation consultant. The goal of this project was to help us “create a roadmap to align our critical processes that optimizes, automates and streamlines daily procedures and routes that creates a future best-in-class transportation center.” We are working with TSS with our goal of having the program implemented by October 2019. This will further strengthen MT to deliver your loads with the visibility and outstanding customer service you have come to expect.


AIA Seminars

Pacific Coast Building Products is pleased to provide American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education workshops and tours. PCBP has developed these seminars for the specification community covering relevant topics.

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