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Project in the Spotlight:
A Perfect Pairing - Basalite Shotcrete
and Wine

Thanks to the unique weather and soil conditions present in the Okanagan Valley many wineries and vineyards are situated around the region. Among them the O’Rourke Family Vineyards stands out as one of the first to implement a tunnel system below the bedrock to house its wines.

The tunnels are situated on a 200-acre lot overlooking the water, and will be one of the highlights of the location. The first of its kind in Canada, it will house countless barrels and bottles of wine, and people will be able to walk through and enjoy the sights. Storing the wine in this natural area will provide the perfect temperature of around 15-16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year, along with perfect humidity.

Given that the tunnels will be in a natural rock formation, no significant installation of heating or cooling systems will be necessary. This will have major environmental advantages as no significant power will be required to keep the wines at the optimum temperature and humidity. Other planned attractions to the winery include a separate ballroom, concert area, and a library housed in the tunnels.

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Shooting the concrete/The finished Product

Employee in the Spotlight: Martha Fierro - Pacific Coast Companies, Inc. (PCCI)

Martha Fierro

Martha will soon celebrate 34 years of working at PCCI, with 25 of those years spent as executive assistant to the President, Dave Lucchetti. Martha's unsurpassed communication skills give her the ability to talk with everyone she comes into contact with. Her calming presence has been called into action several times over the years. When confronted with a situation, Martha always manages to calm the person down and get the situation handled to everyone's satisfaction.
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Pacific Supply Rancho Cordova:
A Tight-Knit Group of
Talented People

Located 10 miles east of downtown Sacramento, Pacific Supply Rancho Cordova sits conveniently off Highway 50 on a three-acre parcel that was once a Diamond Lumber facility. The branch originated just west of where it is currently located, sharing an office and warehouse with Material Transport on S and 65th Streets in Sacramento, but eventually outgrew its shared space and was moved in 1990 where it thrives today, 28 years later.

There was a little apprehension about the move, especially for current employee Tana Clark. Tana made her start with the company at S and 65th and after 32 years of dedicated service she is still building relationships at the Rancho facility as our regional Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable representative overseeing collections and payables for Rancho, North Highlands and Marysville. Tana remains a constant and is one of the key reasons for our continued success.

Along with Tana, Wayne Tibke was with Pacific Supply when the move was made to Rancho. Wayne started with Alcal Contracting as a union roof loader and has held many positions with Pacific Coast. Some of them have included Yard Supervisor, Logistics Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, and now, 38 years after starting with the company, is our Senior Outside Sales Representative. Wayne has mentored many of our current branch managers and outside sales force (including myself) and continues to strengthen our market share with his leadership, outstanding reputation and industry knowledge.

Although Bill Timberlake was not with the company during the move he was hired shortly after as a driver and roof loader in 1994. Bill quickly took to his new position building relationships while loading and driving for our North Highlands facility across town. Bill eventually became the Operations Manager and then found his calling in Outside Sales where he has remained 24 years later. Bill’s expertise and outstanding customer service has solidified our reputation as a premier distributor of roofing and drywall products which has been essential to the success of both distribution points here in Sacramento.

Donald Vincent was with the company during the move, but was working as a forklift operator for Gladding McBean where he made his start in 1987. In 1999 Donny was promoted to headquarters where he worked in corporate transport negotiating freight rates and other important behind-the-scenes activities. In 2002 he became the Logistics Manager for Material Transport, then moved on to Outside Sales for Pacific Supply in Rancho and thirty years later is our Logistics Manager. Donny is excellent at his craft and continues to flawlessly navigate the constant demands of our customers and sales force. All roads at the branch travel through the Logistics office and Donny is always up for the challenge.

We’ve had many successes here at PCS Rancho, but none of it would be possible without the support and hard work of our Inside Sales staff: Daniel Espinoza, Debra Mundinger and Ricardo Benavides. These three outstanding individuals are what make it all possible. From the constant phone calls, to the daily interruptions and sometimes out of the ordinary demands, their perseverance and commitment are second to none. Our inside team continues to provide our customers with unprecedented customer service and our outside sales staff with the rockstar support that helps make them successful in the field. Their efforts are a major contributor to the overall success of the branch.

Meet Mero Youngblood (employee #7) Luis Loza, Saul Rasgado Hernandez, Carlos Lopez, Felipe Lopez Luna, Jeff Land, Tony Reyes, Michael Paguel, Jose “jr” Encarnacion, James Carr, Francisco Hernandez and Joe Davidson. This is our exceptional delivery and yard crew. Without this industrious group of individuals, we would not have the successes that we currently enjoy. Whether it be the challenge of stocking 10,000 squares of TPO and 20,000 squares of ISO for Amazon, stocking a roof for a homeowner or loading a customer in the yard, our delivery crew exemplifies the customer service experience. Every day they are tasked with being the face of ourcompany and every day they have proven that they are all up for the challenge. Aside from the dangers and hard work the crews face every day we ask that they do it while always adhering to our number one core value of Safety. It is absolutely amazing to know that our delivery and yard crew has now worked two full years and 83,993 hours accident and incident free and have earned back-to-back Presidents Safety Awards. What an incredible group we have here in Rancho Cordova.

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